Bloodborne Remaster Coming To Steam, Demon’s Souls Remake Timed Exclusive For PS5 [Rumor]

Bloodborne could finally make its way to PC along with a potential remaster for the PS5. Demon’s Souls is also reportedly getting a remake for PS5.

Bloodborne launched as a PS4 exclusive in 2015 and received an expansion later that year. It hasn’t been out for that long to get the remaster treatment but apparently this is the case for now. This is according to a new set of rumors coming from multiple sources, all of which point towards the game coming to Steam. The most recent rumor is from a YouTube channel that talks about enhanced visuals and performance for the PC version.

GearNuke has also heard from multiple sources that Bloodborne is coming PC in addition to the PS5. Demon’s Souls Remake is another game that will launch for the PS5 but it is a timed exclusive. Those who are hoping to get it on PC will have to wait for a while. There is no window on the timed exclusivity of Demon’s Souls Remake but it will be only available to play on PS5 at launch with a PC port later down the line.

Sony is releasing Horizon Zero Dawn on PC making it their first blockbuster to get an official port on PC. It could pave the way for more games to release on the platform later down the line, among which some of the strong contenders are Days Gone (Unreal Engine 4) and Dreams. Bloodborne is a highly valuable IP for the PC crowd. The Soulsborne genre is incredibly popular with Dark Souls series leading the charge. The Dark Souls series has sold millions of copies on Steam so any further games in the series are an easy sell on PC. The lack of a Dark Souls 4 means fans are hungry for new games and Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls could satisfy their thirst.

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