Bloodborne Has a Secret Creepy Message Hidden in the Title Menu

Bloodborne is a horror themed action RPG from From Software, and even if the game is action-oriented, it has some genuine creepy moments thanks to the design of its monsters and art style.

Bloodborne title menu apparently has a secret message (or just a bug) that can occur if you try to change the language to French at the title menu. This results in a message saying “Updating save data” which then changes into “will be blessed with child.”

I tried to find this secret message as discovered by some Bloodborne players online, and can confirm that we can indeed get it. You can also see this in the screenshot below.


This could be an actual creepy secret message or perhaps just a bug in the game, as the following string of text “will be blessed with child.” can be discovered in the game from a note in Byrngenwerth.

Whether this is a secret message or just a simple bug, it is definitely a creepy one. If this is indeed a bug, we can perhaps see it getting patched out in a new update.

Let us know if you encountered this message when playing Bloodborne in the comments below.

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