Bloodborne Is From Software’s Best Selling New IP on PS4 In Japan, Beating Demon’s Souls

PS4 Exclusive Bloorborne was released last week in Japan and despite being a new IP from From Software, it has managed to sell well on a much smaller install base.

Famitsu has released the sales figure for Bloodborne revealing that the game has sold more than 150 thousand copies in Japan in its debut week. This is a much better result than Demon’s Souls, which debuted to 36k copies sold in its first week. Dark Souls 1 and 2 had a much higher first week sales than Bloodborne though, but they were also released on a platform with a much higher install base compared to the current install base of the PS4. Still, if we compare the first week sales of Dark Souls 1 and 2, they debuted at 228k and 256k respectively.


Bloodborne was developed by From Software in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. It has received rave reviews so far and the game was sold out in many stores in Japan during its first week, indicating a strong second week sales.

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