Bloodborne: Unlimited Blood Echoes Glitch Discovered After 1.02 Update

Bloodborne recently received a new patch which fixed a game progression bug in addition to some exploits like the item duplication bug. Despite the 1.02 update removing these exploits, it seems like one user has discovered another exploit allowing the players to farm Unlimited Blood Echoes.


As discovered by YouTube user kenny stimmel, this method allows you to farm Unlimited Blood Echoes for your character. You can follow it in the steps below.

  1. Go to Forbidden Woods area.
  2. Go over the bridge and make sure to avoid the trap.
  3. Make the first right after crossing the bridge and drop down below.
  4. Follow this new path until you fall at the broken bridge.
  5. Make the first left until you hit the gate, then go right.
  6. You will reach an area with dogs trapped in cages, make sure to kill them all *important*
  7. Continue by following the path behind the cages.
  8. Follow the right wall and then take the ladder up.
  9. Take the next ladder up.
  10. After stepping outside, take the path to the left through the gate.
  11. Go up the ladder near the Davy Jones like enemy, and go across the roof.
  12. After cross the roof, you will enter a room, go right.
  13. If you are here the first time, you will have to kill the an enemy there and then open the door.
  14. Opening this door will lead you back to the start of the game, go to the room with the werewolf.
  15. The glitch starts in this room, as you can gain unlimited Blood Echoes by going back and forth in the room

As it is the case with most exploits, they are not a good way to play the game the first time around, so you can keep this method in mind for your second playthrough, or if you are having difficulty with the game.

Let us know what you think of this method in the comments below.

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