Bloodborne’s Latest 9GB+ Update Includes Some Hidden Changes And New Additions

From Software has recently released a brand new update for Bloodborne ahead of the launch of The Old Hunters DLC. This update was rather huge in size and weighed in more than 9GB. It also added a whole new “league” to the game featuring brand new NPC hunters. However, this was not the only thing that was included in this new update as users are discovering new additions and features that weren’t mentioned in the official patch notes.

Reddit user spacemanticore has compiled all the known list of changes and differences in Patch 1.07 for Bloodborne. You can check them out below.

Gameplay & Items

  • Valtr will give you the “Impurity” Oath rune if you join the League. Raises maximum HP while summoned by 2%
  • Killing Valtr will cause him to drop the “One-Eyed Iron Helm”
  • If you kill Valtr, a hunter in the Forbidden Woods (next to the first lamp) will spawn near the lamp and drop a new Hunter’s Tool. Madara’s Whistle. Summons a giant snake head under you and damage anything around you. Also does damage to you. It is a Bloodtinge spell and requires 18 BT.
  • The Old Hunter Bell can be found on top of the stairs in the Hunter’s Dream. “Use insight to call for help from the Old Hunters”.
  • Summon signs for Alfred and Gascoigne have been added. They have a red/orange tint to them and can be found in their original locations.
  • Alfred has been renamed Old Hunter Alfred: Vileblood Hunter
  • Augur of Ebretias can now cause backstabs and possibly parry.
  • New Chalice Dungeon Materials available in the insight shop

Glitches / Skips

  • Old Yharnam Skip unchanged
  • Sewer Skip unchanged
  • Vicar Amelia glitch fixed!
  • Full HP Refill Glitch before Shadows of Yharnam has been fixed
  • Forbidden Woods OoB Skip unchanged
  • Lunarium Key skip unchanged
  • Both Yhar’hagul skips untouched

Some more changes are minor like the Sky turning Grey when an multiplayer fight is active in the Hunter’s Dream. You can see it below.


There is also a confirmation that Scaling Gems now work properly when upgrading and tweaking weapons. In addition, players might find new hunters throughout the world of Bloodborne and some of them have weapons and spells featured in the upcoming The Old Hunters DLC.

Let us know what changes have you personally encountered in this new update in the comments below.

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