2K Games Apologize For Twitter Mishap Over Borderlands 2 VITA Release Date

In a strange turn of events, it was confirmed by 2K Games on Twitter that Borderlands 2 will be releasing on the VITA this March. As posted by the official twitter account of 2K Games, the game was supposed to be released on 18th March, 2014. Although the original tweet got deleted immediately.

Borderlands 2 was announced for the VITA at Gamescom last year. Strangely enough, we never got to see any gameplay footage or even a single screenshot. It was basically missing-in-action until today, when 2K games accidentally posted a release date for the game.

The original tweet is no longer available but here is what it said:

#Borderlands2 is coming to #PSVita on March 18th! RT! ow.ly

2K Games took it to twitter to announce that this release date was a mistake.


Borderlands 2 is a highly popular sequel to the original Borderlands. The original Borderlands was a cell-shaded, first person shooter with RPG mechanics and a great co-op. Borderlands 2 VITA was also the first project by Sony’s third party relations team, as originally announced after Gamescom. Sony helped with the development of this port to the VITA. Hopefully, it will be successful enough on the VITA to warrant an original Borderlands title or a spin-off on the VITA.

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