Bravely Default Flying Fairy Summon Magic locations and other details

Bravely Default, like all Final Fantasy games it’s inspired from, features magic that party members use in battles. In Bravely Default: Flying Fairy players have access to 5 different kinds of Magic abilities; White Magic, Black Magic, Time Magic, Genome Magic and Summons.

While White, Black, Time Magic and Summons may be familiar I don’t think we’ve seen the likes of Genome magic in a previous Final Fantasy game but fans of the series should feel quite at home with the system. To obtain Summon Magic you’ll have to defeat certain enemies .If you’re a completionist or want to take on the tougher enemies in the game you may want to look into this guide.


Locations and descriptions for all the Summon Magic Abilities present in Bravely Default: Flying Fairy can be found below:

Bravely Default Summon Magic

Level: 1
MP per use: 40
Location: Defeat Mephilla
Description: Inflicts Earth elemental damage to all targets.

Level: 2
MP per use: 40
Location: Survive the Wind Sage’s attacks in the Wind Temple.
Description: Inflicts Wind elemental damage to all targets.

Ziusudra’s Sin
Level: 3
MP per use: 40
Location: Survive Water Sage’s attacks in the Water Temple.
Description: Inflicts Water elemental damage to all targets.

Prometheus’s Flame
Level: 4
MP per use: 40
Location: Survive Fire Sage’s attacks in the Fire Temple.

Deus Ex
Level: 5
MP per use: 40
Location: Survive Lightning Sage’s attacks in the Lightning Temple.
Description: Inflicts Lightning elemental damage to all targets.

Level: 6
MP per use: 60
Location: To obtain you Susanoo you’ll have to survive the last Sage’s attacks in the crescent shape island on the northeast side of the map. The sage will only appear during and after Chapter 6.
Description: Inflicts Non-elemental damage to all targets.

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