Brazilian pirates discover new hack for the PS4

It appears that hackers from Brazil have managed to discover a new exploit for the PS4. A couple of weeks ago, a number of electronic stores in Brazil had been advertising the means to copy and run a series of ripped retail games on the console. Not a whole lot was known about the hack back then, but information gradually began to trickle out from customers make its way around the web.

How has it been verified?

UOL Jogos, a prominent website in Brazil, has gone one step further and verified the hack for themselves on one of their PS4s. For the purpose of testing the authenticity of the hack, the UOL journalists had a number of games installed on their console from an electronics store in the streets of Sao Paulo. Such stores will typically copy 10 games to a PS4 for R$ 300 to R$ 400 (roughly $100 to $150). These games would normally cost around $600. The journalists have confirmed that the hack is indeed legitimate and working on their own console. It’s important to note here that this hack doesn’t have any connection to the “account sharing” technique.

PS4 Console

How does it work?

According to UOL, the hack originated from a Russian website, and uses a technique that is much like the PS3’s exploit. Brazilian modchip stores describe the process as a “dump” of a retail console with several games installed on it, which is transferred to the console that is to be hacked. The term “dump” indicates that it’s not just the hard drive’s contents that are copied over, but a dump of the NAND/BIOS is also performed. This process is reportedly carried out via a raspberry pi.

Given the process involved, this exploit can’t be termed as a PS4 Jailbreak, and, hence, is hardly of any significance for homebrew purposes.

ps4 console 2

What is Sony’s response?

It’s safe to assume that Sony will be taking the appropriate legal action in order to prevent this hack from spreading, just as it did with the “account sharing” hack. It’s also a given that the console maker will be looking to eliminate the exploit via a future firmware update for the PS4.

We’ll keep you posted on any further updates that happen with regards to this exploit. In the meanwhile, let us know what you think about these developments in the comments below.

Disclaimer: GearNuke does not in any way encourage piracy or any illegal exploit.

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