Breath of Fire 6’s protagonist revealed

Capcom has recently updated its Breath of Fire web portal with information on all six titles in the series. Of particular interest is the latest installment i.e. Breath of Fire 6, as little is known about the title apart from the fact that it is an online, web-based role-playing game.

The series protagonist, Ryu, sports a slightly different look in previous titles from the series, but Breath of Fire 6’s version of the character is a stark departure from his previous forms. His new design can be seen below.


Breath of Fire 6 was first announced in August 2013 during Capcom’s Network Game Conference in Japan. It is the first installment in the series to not debut on a console, and is being developed specifically for touch-based PCs, smart phones and tablets.

Capcom has designed the game as an “easy touch type online RPG” with simple controls and “exhilarating combat”. The title will support online play as well as a cross-platform save feature that will allow players to resume their progress on all supported devices.

Breath of Fire 6 is scheduled to arrive on the PC, iOS, and Android platforms sometime in the second quarter of this year. Let us know what you think of Ryu’s new design in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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