No Browser Functionality Without The Day One Update On PS4 and More

One lucky individual got his PS4 ahead of the launch and isn’t shy in sharing the details openly with the public. Since Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios at Sony, clarified that even if someone receives their PS4 ahead of the launch, the console won’t be banned by Sony for going online. However, to activate many of the features and functionality of the PS4, one needs to download a Day One update for the PS4 which is around 300MB in size. Shuhei Yoshida also clarified that a person can play games on the PS4 even without the Day One update.

cjcool804 states that without the update he cannot log in to his PSN/SEN ID and the update is still not live for the PS4 for direct download on the console and more so, cannot even use the browser on the PS4. He can, however, play games on the PlayStation 4 without any update or internet connection required.

He is also hesitant to download the Day One update on PC from Sony’s update servers and update the console using the flash drive method, citing that he has spent more than $800 on the console and does not want to take any chances. This cost includes games and various accessories for the PlayStation 4.

Other than that, cjcool804 also showed the System Storage Management screen on the PlayStation 4 where everything is neatly categorized.


Only three games have been installed on the HDD and they take up to 84GB of HDD space; Killzone: Shadow Fall = 39GB, Madden NFL 25 = 15GB and Call of Duty: Ghosts = 32GB. Perhaps what’s shocking is that PlayStation 4 comes with only 408GB of usable HDD space. That’s a whopping 92GB os space used by the PlayStation 4 for its features.


The default settings screen gives you an option to operate your PS4 using voice. Pretty cool, same as Kinect. This feature along with the automatic sign in using facial recognition needs a PS Camera which is sold separately.


So if someone was to skip the Day One update, they won’t be able to access even the basic online features such as browsing the internet using the built-in browser.

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