Bulb Boy Review (Switch)

Bulb Boy is an interesting take on the point-and-click genre. Its main attraction is its art style which appears charming at first but as you slowly progress further in the game, you begin to witness some truly horrific creatures and monster designs that evoke a feeling of creepiness. The game was originally released for the PC and launched as an early access release. It has been finally ported to the Nintendo Switch and from what I have played so far, it is a solid release that offers a great point-and-click adventure on the hybrid Nintendo platform.

The game stars a main character who is part bulb and part boy. The story begins with the bulb boy enjoying a typical night with his grand father and pet. What he doesn’t expect is the horror that he has to witness once he heads to sleep. The starting area can be considered as a tutorial as you attempt to figure out how to interact with objects. You can pick items scattered around the room and then put them at a different place, or you can interact with objects like the TV in the opening living room. It serves the purpose of familiarizing you with the controls until you are tasked to go to bed and sleep.

Once the bulb boy wakes up, he minds himself in a strange world where he is under constant threat of monsters around every corner. There is no text to explain the story in the game so it is up to you to piece together the story from what you experience during the gameplay. Unfortunately while bulb boy offers a compelling point-and-click adventure, it feels rather short in term of game length. You will be easily able to finish the game within 3 hours, which is not that great if you think about it. Still the experience that the game offers is unique and as a standalone adventure, it is good if you prefer short interactive games.

Majority of the game revolves around figuring out the puzzles and keeping the bulb boy alive from the creepy demonic creatures that plague the world. The game also attempts to mix some dark humor by using the body of the bulb boy himself to attempt to tackle some puzzles. It is not exactly a thought provoking game and most of the puzzles will be easy to figure out once you pay attention to the background.

Despite its point-and-click nature, there are actually some moments during the main game where the focus shifts to platforming or action. These are few and far in between but when you do get to play them, the experience is certainly not as pleasing as the rest of the game. The final boss fight is also a complete change of genre by making it much more action focused compared to the rest of the game. It certainly didn’t live up to my expectations hence leaving me a little disappointed, even though I enjoyed the journey up to it.

There is a lot of charm to bulb boy and while the game is available for PC, I think it feels like the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. As a new hardware, the Switch needs all the software it can get and bulb boy seems to bring an interesting adventure for the portable fans. It is also fairly cheap in terms of price and even though there is not a lot of replay value and the game is rather short in length, it offers an adventure that is worth experiencing on the Switch.

In the current era of traditional point-and-click games, Bulb Boy easily manages to stand out thanks to its art style and monochromatic visuals. It is held back by the lack of replay value and its short length but again, if you have the time to experience a good game or a long game padded with filler to increase its length, it will be easier to go for the former instead of the latter. Bulb boy is one of these games and it works well in what it intends to achieve here.

Bulb Boy Review (Switch)

Game Reviewed on: Switch

Game description: Bulb Boy is a point & click adventure. This old-school mechanic relies on using the cursor (or touch - for mobile devices). Point and click to explore scenes and to interact with objects.


Bulb Boy manages to surprise and even terrify with its gorgeous visual style that presents a world full of horror and terrible creatures.


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