Bungie Looking For PC Staff Raises Hopes For PC Version Of Destiny

There has been several rumors around the internet about Bungie announcing a PC release date for Destiny soon.

Bungie have recently added a PC Compatibility Tester job post on their site stating that the applicant will “evaluate PC hardware-specific features and ensure various systems work together across multiple PC configurations to provide a great experience.”. Does this job post have anything to do with bringing Destiny to PC ? Yes, I think so.

Bungie have already announced Destiny 2 so there is also a chance that they have decided to skip bringing Destiny to the PC and jump straight to Destiny 2. There is also the chance that they are working on a new and unannounced game that will come to the PC.

For now, Destiny on PC seems a bit high to hope for but you never know what Bungie has in store for us in the next couple of weeks. Tell us if you think it will come to PC or if they will skip it and bring Destiny 2 instead.

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