Bungie may be working on a PC version of Destiny

It appears that Bungie is working on an unannounced PC project that may turn out to be its successful first-person shooter Destiny, as the developer is now hiring compatibility testers who are well-versed in PC hardware.

The developer has posted a job listing on its official website, along with specific job requirements. The compatibility tester will be required to evaluate PC hardware-specific features and ensure that various systems work together across multiple PC configurations in order to provide a solid experience to the end-use.

Bungie considers this to be a challenging area to test, therefore the developer is only looking for the most resilient and technically minded testers. Those who love solving new problems on a continuous basis with an eye for detail are invited to become compatibility testers for the PC platform at Bungie. Hired compatibility testers can expect to be grouped into teams, responsible for ensuring that an area of the game is ready to ship.


Given that Bungie currently has its hands full with Destiny and its forthcoming expansion, it’s unlikely for the developer to be working on a brand new PC project. The more likely scenario is that a dedicated PC team has been assembled for the task of porting the game over to PC, and the new compatibility testers will help iron out the kinks in the port.

We’ll keep you updated on the potential announcement for a PC version of Destiny. In the meantime, let us know if you’re interested in playing the game on PC in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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