Bungie reveals the boxart of Destiny

Bungie has officailly unveiled the boxart of their upcoming MMO-FPS Destiny. The boxart looks spectacular for sure and shows the backside of 3 of the characters of Destiny against the backdrop of a planet.

Destiny is Bungie’s first big project after leaving Microsoft and Halo. It is a massive multiplayer online first-person shooter, set in a entirely new and huge science fiction universe. Destiny is being produced by Activision and they are betting a lot on the success of it. According to Activision, it is their largest and most expensive project to date.

We have no concrete release date of Bungie’s Destiny but we do know that it will launch somewhere in 2014. It is targeting all platforms except for PC and Wii U. It is going to be released on PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Bungie’s Halo franchise is extremely popular world wide and was one of the stronger pillar in the games lineup of Microsoft’s first-party franchises. Halo has now been handed down from Bungie to 343 industries.

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