Bungie Studios show off Destiny

Sony’s conference today was chock full of gaming goodness. Showing off everything from console exclusivity, hardware capabilities, to third party partnerships. One of these being a partnership with Activision and Bungie Studios with their new post apocalyptic game called Destiny.

The presentation itself showed the setting in which the protagonist(s) are in. The demo starts off our hero’s in post apocalyptic Russia and their immediate goal to travel past a wall that separates the desolate landscape and more of a prosperous refuge. As they travel through the wall, certain obstacles stand between them. A lack of power hinders their trudge through the foreign area, so they use one of their robotic friends  to assist them by restoring power in the building.

However, once the power is back on, enemies lie in wait to ambush the protagonists which forces them into a fire fight. They inevitably succeed and move foward beyond the wall only to find that giant flying ship of sorts annihilates a part of the utopia with a single blast. As the ship takes its leave, smaller ships follow behind to initiate another shoot out with enemies ranging from foot soldiers to large robotic beasts.

Destiny, graphically, looks incredible. Taking advantage of the power coming from the next generation of consoles. It’s very reminiscent of the Halo franchise but also showing new things, things fans should be really excited about.

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