Burnout Paradise HD Remaster Confirmed For PS4, Releasing March 16th In Japan

Burnout series is finally makes return on the current generation consoles with the release of Burnout Paradise for the PS4. While the remaster is only confirmed for the PS4 in Japan, the earlier leak through Brazilian retailer listed the game for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch. So rest assured, this might be releasing on all platforms. However, this is the first official confirmation of the game and its release date.

Burnout Paradise was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It was the last Burnout game that followed on the successful Burnout 3. The series is famous for its crazy car stunts and physics model that lets you crash your vehicle to create the most mayhem and chaos. It also features standard racing modes along with its focus on car takedowns.

This announcement was discovered by Gematsu who shared the release date as March 16th. The price of the game is also confirmed at 4,104 yen, which can end up around 30 to 40 USD for North America depending on how EA prices the remaster here.

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