You Should Buy Suikoden 1 And 2 If You Want To Get More Games In The Series

Suikoden 1 and 2 have finally been released on the PlayStation Network for the PSP, Vita and PlayStation 3. While Suikoden 1 was available on PlayStation Network for a while, Suikoden 2 never made it online. It was not until Sony’s Third Party Relations team stepped in that the game was finally released, all due to the demand of thousands of Suikoden fans.

Now that the game is finally out online, it is time for all the Suikoden fans to get it and show Konami that Suikoden is still popular today. If you still haven’t bought it yet, you can grab them from the store links below. It is playable on the PSP, PS3 and Vita.

Suikoden 1

Suikoden 2

The game is out in the North American PlayStation Store so far. An EU release is planned for January.

Konami’s Online Content Producer recently talked about the release of the game on PSN and states that it is important for the fans to show their support for the game if they want to get the attention of Konami.

Our ultimate goal here is get sales.. which bring in revenue.. which *hopefully* raises eyebrows at Konami Japan.. and hopefully gets them to realize that Suikoden is actually a worldwide brand.

If these things happen and we can get Konami Japan to notice… who knows what can happen.

He also urges the fans of the series to rate the game on the PlayStation Store once they have purchased it. Since it results in other people noticing the game as well.

So if you are a Suikoden fan, it is now time to get the game and show your support. Who knows, we might get other games in the series, or perhaps even a new Suikoden in the future.

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