How To Bypass And Fix Error Code CE-36244-9 On PS4

PlayStation 4 users might have to face this extremely annoying error code CE-36244-9 during the downloading of games or patches from PSN. This error code has more to do with how the system downloads the games than the actual hard disk drive, no matter what the error code says.

If you have encountered the error code when downloading a game or patch, and were worried that your hard disk might be dying, then it is definitely helpful to check out the steps listed in this guide before you completely format your hard disk in order to ensure that there is ‘no data corruption’ of any kind, like the message states.

I was recently forced to rebuild my database once I started to encounter this error code CE-36244-9 and let me tell you, it was an extremely annoying error to bypass on PS4. Turns out that contrary to what the error implies as ‘data is corrupted’, it has more to do with how the games or patches are downloaded from the PlayStation Network.

Before you try to attempt the steps listed in the guide, you can check out some quick and easy fixes, as reported by users online. The first one is to simply keep retrying the download failed message and it might eventually resume itself. Sounds annoying, right? The other trick is to use the Google DNS on your PS4.


To use Google DNS on your PS4, you need to head into Settings. From there, locate the Network settings and then select the ‘set up internet connection’ option. The first step will ask for Lan Cable or Wi-Fi, select the one which you are currently utilizing for PS4. After that, there will be an ‘Easy’ or ‘Custom’ setting and you have to go with the ‘Custom’ setting here in order to set up your DNS. You will be prompted to enter IP address, either automatically or manually, and you have to choose manual to input the DNS address. The next process is to list an IP address, a subnet mask and the default gateway for your router. You can find this information from your router by accessing its settings to see the default gateway and subnet mask. Make sure the IP address is one that isn’t being used by another device on your network. Lastly you will have to enter the DNS, which for Google DNS is and

If setting up Google DNS doesn’t resolve your issue of the ‘Download Is Corrupt’ error message, then you will have to do a some tweaks in order for it to work. The first step is to locate and download this handy application called ‘PSX Download Helper 1.8’. It is set to Chinese by default but you can easily change the language to English in the settings.

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Once you have downloaded and set up the software, you have to run it first before you attempt the next step. You will notice that an IP Address and Port is listed in the software. Once you have noted down this information, click on the “play” icon to start running the software. You have to head to the Network settings on your PS4 and input this IP Address in the last step, which is asking for Proxy Sever, in the ‘set up internet connection’ setting. The port might be set to 8080 by default so you can leave it as it is and input the IP Address as seen in the program.

Now go to the downloads section on your PS4 and resume or initiate a download that was previously giving you trouble. You will notice that the application on PC will be able to fetch a link from the PlayStation Store. Once you have the link appear on the PSX Downloader, pause the download on your PS4. It will be a .pkg file and you can download it on your PC.

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After downloading this .pkg file on your PC, click on the “Select” button to select the recently downloaded .pkg file. You can also drag and drop it to the PSX Downloader application. Afterwards, you will have to simply resume the download on your PS4. This can resolve any of the annoying CE-36244-9 error messages. You can also use this method to download .pkg files on your PC while your PS4 is turned off and then simply transfer them to PS4. The download will resume extremely fast this way as the file is transferred from your PC to PS4.

Keep in mind that in order to have the PS4 remain connected to the internet, you will have to keep the Proxy Server running on your PC. Alternatively, you can simply download a little part of the update and then pause it and remove the Proxy from the Internet settings on PS4. The download will then resume without any issues and there won’t be a download corrupted error.

Let us know if you have managed to solve your issues with corrupt downloads on PS4 using this guide in the comments below.

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