Call of Duty 2015 could be revealed on April 26

Talk around the Call of Duty subreddit is that Call of Duty 2015 is set to be revealed on April 26. Call of Duty 2015 is expected by many to be Black Ops 3, although there are few who still want a World at World 2.

James C Burns voices Sgt. Frank Woods in both Black Ops games and he’s quite active on YouTube and social media. His last three videos had mysterious numbers in the descriptions – 62, 40 and 5102. When re-arranged the numbers become a date: 4-26-2015.


Black Ops 2 was revealed on 23 April back in 2012, so the date isn’t too far off. Another interesting note is that April 26 is also the day the Chernobyl incident took place leading to 31 deaths.

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