Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gets Exclusive DLC On XB1, New Details Revealed At E3

A few minutes ago, we saw the new Call of Duty in action at the Microsoft Conference. Head of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, revealed that the Xbox Owners will be getting exclusive content for the upcoming FPS.

This was also the first time we saw gameplay of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We saw the 3D Printer Rifle in action as it took down enemies with ease.

cod-advanced-warfare-e3-2 (3)


The Assault Rifle had little to no recoil so we can expect this weapon to be used frequently. We also saw the Infrared Grenades in action as they lit up enemies behind cover. This will be a frequently used equipment as it allows players to see enemies through walls.

We also saw the Exo-Suit in action. In the gameplay, we saw the hover feature, super strength and super jump. These features can very well be a part of the online multiplayer.

cod-advanced-warfare-e3-2 (1)

Image taken from the Spike Livestream.

We also saw a swarm of drones which destroyed everything in their path. We saw our character rip a door off of a car to protect himself from the drones so we can use car doors as an emergency ballistic shield or riot shield to protect ourselves from enemy fire, explosives and more.

We can also see the swarm of drones as a high score or high kill killstreak in the online multiplayer. This killstreak will be devastating and will be terrifying.

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