Information on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Specialist Characters released

This time around Treyarch is bringing a totally different multiplayer game-play experience to its newest Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The game brings nine specialist characters to choose from in multiplayer each with their own different attributes when it launches on 6th November 2015. Details for six of these nine characters have been provided at E3 2015.

In multiplayer the game will ask you to choose from these nine specialist characters before starting a match. This is followed by a choice of the chosen character’s weapon or ability. Making both these choices is necessary to proceed further. During the match players will have to unlock the character’s weapon and ability by achieving objectives and doing kills.

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Details for the six characters are below:


  • A specialist that uses advanced technology to gain an edge in matches.
  • His weapon, the Tempest, when charged releases a chain electrical charge that kills the first enemy it is used on. If an enemy is near allies then the shock will kill him too.
  • His ability is Glitch allows him to teleport to his location six seconds ago and is useful for when an enemy is chasing you.


  • He goes for battle alone and is the only survivor of an Elite Force specialising in Jungle Warfare.
  • His weapon, Hive, deploys traps which activate when an enemy is in close proximity and kill him.
  • His ability, Rejack, allows him to continue when near death by injecting himself with nano-particles.


  • A high-tech battle robot that was supposed to replace humans with its advanced weaponry.
  • It’s weapon, the Scythe, turns it’s arm into a machine gun which in two shots can kill an enemy.
  • Reaper’s ability, Psychosis, makes 3 clones of itself which randomly distract enemies.


  • An assassin who grew up in a favela. Uses stealth and accuracy to kill enemies.
  • His weapon, the Sparrow, a bow which fires arrows which stick to surfaces and then explode, doing damage to nearby enemies.
  • His ability, Vision Pulse, temporarily marks enemies by sending an electrical pulse.


  • A member of a militant cartel that follows a traditional approach to warfare than relying on technology.
  • His weapon, the Annihilator, is a powerful revolver that kills enemies in one shot.
  • His ability, Combat Focus, allows him to temporarily earn score streaks even faster than the Hardline perk in previous games.


  • A man who replaced his arms with powerful bionic limbs in his desire to become the best soldier.
  • His weapon, Gravity Spike, when placed on the ground sends a shock-wave killing nearby enemies.
  • His ability, Overdrive, temporarily increases movement speed.

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Personally I prefer the combat style of the Seraph which keeps things original without over-complicating warfare with advanced technology. Black Ops 3 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 6th November 2015.

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