Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC Now Available for PSN and PC

The highly anticipated DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts is finally out for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Devastation DLC includes four brand new multiplayer maps, a new episode for Extinction called Mayday and a new hybrid weapon called the Ripper.


The Ripper is a very unique weapons. It is a hybrid weapon which means it is two weapons in one so the ripper can turn into an Assault Rifle and an SMG which makes it a useful weapon for any type on encounters. If you have to clear out a room, switch to the SMG and if you see an enemy at long range, switch to the Assault Rifle and take him out. The SMG mode has very low recoil which makes this gun quite effective at medium range as well.

The Devastation DLC features four new multiplayer maps brand new, never before seen maps. The maps are called Behemoth, Collision, Ruins and Unearthed.


Behemoth is a very unique map. Players battle on top of a giant bucket wheel excavator. This map has long lines of sight which makes it an ideal map for players who like to use Assault Rifles, LMGs and Snipers but SMGs and Shotguns can come in handy when entering the control rooms which are small and beneficial for players who use close range weapons.

Devastation Behemoth


Players battle on a cargo ship that has crash into New York’s bridge. A ship filled with containers makes this map ideal for players who like to use SMGs and Shotguns. Players with a run and gun play style will have a lot of fun on this map but Snipers can post up in a few positions too so be careful.



Take on your enemies in a ancient Mayan temple. Ruins is a map a lot of players will like because this map caters to both Close-Range and Long-Range players. Upon completing the field order, players will be able to turn into the deadly Predator. As the Predator, player can kill their enemies in one flawless swipe of their dual wrist blades and they can instantly kill their enemies with their plasma cannon. Players can also turn invisible and with their special vision to track down enemies and eliminate them.

Devastation Ruins Predator


Unearthed is a remake of the fan favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 called Dome. Players can get their hands on the Venom-X from Extinction by bringing down a platform. Players can also summon aliens like the ones in Extinction.


Extinction Episode 2: Mayday

Mayday follows the events that took place in Nightfall. You are a part of a Quick Reaction Force team that is sent in to investigate a high-tech ghost ship located in the South Pacific. In Mayday, players will encounter a new type of alien called a “Seeder” which will surely give players a hard time. Players will also be able to get their hands on a Venom-X which can be modified. At the end, players will have to take down the 400-foot tall Cryptid beast from the deep – the “Kraken.”

Devastation mayday1

The Devastation DLC is now out for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC owners and will be free for Season Pass owners and will cost $14.99 as a standalone.

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