Call Of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Launch Weekend Live Today

The quickest way to prestige and unlock all the gear and equipment in any Call Of Duty game, is during the Double XP weekend. Call Of Duty: Ghosts is celebrating its launch weekend by giving Double XP to players and it goes live today.

The latest entry in to the long running franchise was released this week and has sold over a billion dollars worth of copies into retailers. Although the sales are high, the game has received a lot of criticism from players, specially the PC community, for the various bugs that are yet to be rectified. There has been no official word from Infinity Ward yet on the issue.


The reviews have been positive, but the ratings have been low, when compared to the past entries in the franchise. Some are saying that this is the lowest rated game in the franchise history. Although, the reviewers and players likewise are satisfied withe multiplayer aspect of the game, which is the actual star of any Call Of Duty game. This is the first time in the series history, that players can customize their soldiers. This has added an extra layer of interaction for the gamers and helps their soldier stand out from the rest.

So, if you have already bought the game then get your gaming gear ready and level up your ranks. This is the best time to unlock all the emblems, tags and player customization equipment. Double XP weekend starts today at 6pm GMT and will end on November 11th, 6pm GMT.

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