Call of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Weekend Live Now, New Game Mode Available in Public Playlist

In case you didn’t know, Double XP weekend for Call of Duty: Ghosts kicked off yesterday. As you can tell by the name itself, on the Double XP Weekend, players will earn double the XP they usually earn in public matches. This is a good way to level up as much as possible before the new DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts called Invasion comes this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. This DLC will not only include 4 multiplayer maps and a new episode for Extinction, but it will also include a Golden PDW Pistol and a Golden Knife.

This new Golden PDW is different from the ordinary PDW because it isn’t a 3 burst machine pistol, instead it is a full-automatic machine pistol which means that you can keep shooting the Golden PDW without any delay. The Golden Knife is also a deadlier and more convenient version of the normal knife. The Golden Knife stabs your enemy with you going through the whole stabbing animation, so with the Golden Knife you can just swipe through your enemies the same way you could in older Call of Duty games.

The reason I’m mentioning the Golden PDW and the Golden Knife is because they are both unlocked when you reach a high prestige. The Golden PDW is unlocked when you reach the 5th prestige and the Golden Knife is available once you reach max prestige which is the 10th prestige. So make sure you at least get to the 5th Prestige.

Infinity Ward also added a new game mode to the public playlist called Reinforced. Previously, this game mode was available in the private playlist but not the public playlist. The Reinforced game mode is a combination of two popular game modes, Domination and Search and Destroy. In this new game mode, when your teammates die, they will have to spectate until their team secures a flag and upon capturing the flag, the deceased teammates will be revived.

Make sure you don’t miss out on all the additional XP.

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