Call of Duty: Ghosts Map and Camo details leaked

Call of Duty: Ghosts Map and Camo details have been apparently leaked online.

Tweeter user Espadah_ has leaked images that show the maps and camos of Call of Duty: Ghosts. According to these images, there are total 11 maps. They are the as follow: Stonehaven, Flooded, Chasm, Overlord, Warhawk, Stormfront, Tremor, Sovereign, Siege, Freight and Prison Break.

You can check out them in pictures below.

Additionally, he has also leaked out the Camos of Call of Duty: Ghosts. You can check them out below.


There are a total of 13 Camos. They are as follow: Snow, Brush, Autumn, Ocean, Red, Scale, Caustic, Crocodile, Green, Net, Trail, Woodland and Gold.

Earlier, we had gotten leaked images that showed the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This mode can be seen in another image that shows the main menu of Call of Duty: Ghosts.


In another news, it was revealed that Ghosts on Xbox 360 and PS3 is limited to just 6 vs 6 instead of the usual 9 vs 9 in multiplayer. You can check out this news in detail from here.

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