Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy listing spotted on Amazon

According to a listing on Amazon, a Modern Warfare trilogy is coming.

So lets recap the past few days. The next Call of Duty is supposedly called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and will include Modern Warfare, aka COD 4, Remastered for the new generation of consoles and most likely PC.

A listing spotted on Amazon earlier today seems to suggest that all three Modern Warfare games are being remastered.


This could probably be fake since the listing is by a third party called ‘Activision Classics’ which doesn’t have anything else for sale. The game, if real, would probably be have sold under the official ‘Activision’ sub-set instead. However since these are re-releases, Activision could be planning a new sub-brand for remasters.

Personally I’m a huge fan of the Modern Warfare series and if developers Infinity Ward are able to do something similar to the Master Chief Collection with the trilogy then that be amazing.

What are you thoughts on the rumor? Would you like remasters of the Modern Warfare trilogy? Let us know in the comments below.

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