Call of Duty Professional Players Win A Gold Medal At The XGames

This past weekend we saw one of the most popular sports events in the world. Athletes from all over the world come to participate in this event and get their hands on a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal. The event I’m talking about is non other than The XGames.

You must be thinking, “What does the XGames have to do with Videos Games?”. Well this year was a very special XGames. Call of Duty: Ghosts was a part of the XGames and Professional Call of Duty Players faced each other to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal. This was the first time a Video Game was a part of the XGames.

The event saw the likes of Evil Geniuses (Formerly Complexity), OpTic Gaming, Team Kaliber (tK), Team EnVyUs, OpTic Nation and more.

Evil Geniuses was formerly known as Complexity. They won numerous events and are without a doubt the best Call of Duty team in the game after their win at the Call of Duty World Championship. Evil Geniuses were the favorites to win the event but the fell short after losing to tK and OpTic Gaming which took them out of the finals which also meant that they could not win a Gold or Silver Medal however they still had a chance to win the Bronze. They Faced Team EnVyUs for the Bronze medal where they were victorious and they got their hands on the Bronze Medal.


The final was among to very talented teams OpTic Gaming, which is the most popular Call of Duty team in the world and Team Kaliber. These teams have not been performing very well recently but with the roster changes that took place recently, both teams were able to defeat everyone in their way to make it to the finals.

The match was one of the most intense finals we have seen in a long time. It all started with a domination where tK reined supreme and won the first match of the best of 5 series. OpTic Gaming wasn’t affected by the lose as they went into the next map which was S&D Octane where America’s favorite gamer OpTic Nadeshot got an staggering 12 kills and 4 of which were in a single round. The 3rd was Blitz Warhawk where OpTic Gaming dominated TK and secured the win.

Nade and Hecz
After that win, OpTic Gaming had to win one more match to win the event and the gold medals but that’s when TK stepped up and won another domination sending the match into game 5. Map 5 was S&D Sovereign and both teams were minutes away from winning a gold or silver medal. The game was very intense as OpTic took the lead and went on to winning 4 rounds and TK only won one. But that’s when TK got serious and went won 3 more rounds and OpTic won one more, so the match score was OpTic Gaming 5 and Team Kaliber 4. That’s when OpTic finished the game off and won the first ever eSports winners at XGames.

Abdullah Raza


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