Call of Duty Ghosts teaser website goes live

If you had any doubt left that the next Call of Duty game won’t be Call of Duty Ghosts then you better believe it because the game’s official website is now teasing the game’s announcement with a ghostly teaser.

The official Call of Duty website now has a image similar to the skull on Ghosts’ balaclava from Modern Warfare 2, the image seems to become clearer as more people talk about Call of Duty in general on Twitter and Facebook. The Call of Duty Ghosts teaser image so far looks something like this right now (click to enlarge):

The new URL also ends in six underscores, which is also the number of characters in the word Ghosts.

We’re expecting the official announcement for Call of Duty Ghosts any day now, previous Call of Duty games have been announced in May and set for release in November so why should this one be any different?

According to recent leaks Call of Duty Ghosts is being developed by Infinity Ward and will be coming to the Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and Wii U although chances of it releasing on next gen consoles are also very high. Not much longer left now COD fans!

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