Call of Duty series figures: 1900+ years of gameplay per day, 18+ billion multiplayer matches played

Activision has released a new Call of Duty infographic that reveals plenty more crazy numbers for the whole series.

According to this new infographic, every day, gamers around the whole world play a combined 1900+ years of Call of Duty. This is pretty crazy number for sure. What’s more crazy is that this figure is based on the daily playtime of all the worldwide Call of Duty players.

If you want more crazy numbers, you will be shocked to know that Call of Duty series so far had 1.9 quadrillion respawns by various players in its multiplayer matches.

Adding to this, more than 18 billion multiplayer matches have been played so far. The players have managed to destroy about 3.4 quadrillion dollars worth of UAV so far in Call of Duty series.

You can check out the whole infographic below.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be released soon and it will be the latest entry in the series. Seeing every new entry in Call of Duty series breaking new records in its sales, Ghosts is also going to do the same, specially since it is going to be released on almost every platform.

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