Call of Duty Vanguard: Fix connection issues and reduce packet burst errors with this fix

Call of Duty: Vanguard, the latest Call of Duty title runs on the next-gen Call of Duty engine first featured in 2019’s Modern Warfare, which unfortunately means it has similar connections issues to the two year old title. In this article we’ll be talking over a fix that helps fix connectivity issues and reduce the dreaded packet burst errors.

The main issue in terms of networking that most people face has to do with how the game engine handles routing, which is not really the fault of the developers or the end user. Usually ISPs have unoptimized routes to servers which leads to connectivity issues.

Now this is due to a few reasons, one of the biggest is that unoptimized routes aren’t really noticeable in day to day use by the high majority of users. Unfortunately online video games, especially those very ping dependent and high speed titles like Call of Duty: Vanguard for example, are very sensitive to these routing issues which lead to problems like ping spikes, connection drop-ages and the dreaded packet burst error.

Now there are a few different solutions to this as the problem is very case to case dependent, however we would recommend players trying out a premium VPN to clean up routing and regulate their connection. It is essential for this fix that players use a premium VPN that has multiple servers around the globe and fast connectivity, we recommend Surfshark which has a VPN free trial going on nowadays.

This solution will also help you get an Open NAT, which is very tricky to get in Vanguard anyway. So we certainly recommend trying it out, especially considering the free trial so you have nothing to lose.

Do let us know if this fix improves your experience.

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