Call of Duty: WWII Players Are Getting Banned For Prestige Exploit After New Update

Call of Duty: WWII has just received a brand new update today for the PS4 and Xbox One. This update implements some important changes for the game. The first is the separation of Headquarters from the main game and integrated into their own mode. The other change is related to the recently discovered prestige exploit which has been patched now, but the users who have exploited the game are now getting temporarily banned for 2 days to more than that, as confirmed by the game director.

Sledgehammer Games talked about the changes that they were implementing in a reddit post, and the release of the update today has confirmed that it wasn’t just a simple warning, as one user has already been reportedly banned for 48 hours on reddit.

While the ban seems rather harsh, keep in mind that the prestige exploit was widely abused by many users, more than enough to put it in the attention of Sledgehammer Games. They were already looking into it and the users who are banned are not only unable to play the game for a set amount of time, they will also lose their rank giving everyone who plays the game fairly an equal chance.

Let us know if you are affected by the recent update in the comments below.

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