You Can Get a Free PS4 Game (Worth $39.99) By Buying This PS4 Theme (Worth $2) [Update]

Thanks to a hilarious pricing error and a bug on the official PlayStation Store, users who buy Cabela’s African Adventures PS4 theme can get the full game free of cost on their PS4.

Update: This bug seems to have been fixed now as you can no longer add this theme to the cart.

This theme can be bought from here, and once bought, you will get a download prompt for the full game instead. You can get all that for the price of just 2 dollars on the PlayStation Store. The game in question normally costs about $39.99 and hence even if it is a terrible game, the price on which we can get it is not so bad.


This is obviously a mistake and as such, Sony can fix it quickly. If you can see the download size listed as 9.1 GB, then this means it is the full version of the game instead of the theme.

Let us know if you have downloaded this game in the comments below.

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