Cancelled Spyro Prototype For Xbox Resurfaced

Spyro the Dragon is just another classic franchise that was popular around the same time as Crash Bandicoot. The game featured a dragon named Spyro who had to rescue various dragons trapped throughout the world. It was a platformer with a mix of adventure and featured plenty of cool secrets for the fans to discover.

Spyro the Dragon was developed by Insomniac Games who then shifted to Ratchet and Clank and then later Spider-Man PS4. The game was critically acclaimed although the popularity soon faded for it as the series shifted to PS2 and changed to a different developer. The original Spyro trilogy is still well regarded among fans, although not as much as Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

Recently one of the developer that worked on a unfinished Spyro game for the Xbox has shared a rough gameplay footage of the prototype that they had in development at one point. The game that they were developing was supposed to be Agent 9 spin-off, which is a character in the game universe. It was soon changed to just Spyro as the producers wanted to see how it would have worked with the main character.

According to the developer, the project was cancelled because of another game that was in development at the same time. Still it is fascinating to see how a cancelled project works in motion and even if it looks bad, it was likely developed in a very short time frame as revealed by the developer.

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