Candle Has Just One More Hurdle Before Its Release

Candle is finally set for its long awaited release with only one more hurdle in its way. The distribution of game keys is the only thing that the developers have to do before this game reaches you.

Developer Teku Studios and publisher Daedalic Entertainment teamed up to make this game a reality. When this kickstarter project was launched back in 2013 Teku Studios had a $40000 funding goal, but 1,653 backers pledged $52,359 to help bring this project to life. Over these 3 years, the project has faced many setbacks but now it seems that the end is in sight.


Players will take the role of Teku in the game, while facing endless adventures and challenging puzzles. Teku has set on a menacing journey in order to save his tribe’s shaman from the wicked clan of Wakcha. But the journey will not be easy, there are many traps and obstacles in the way which Teku needs to tackle in order to stay alive and rescue the shaman.

Teku has an unusual power whereby his left hand is a candle. This is where the game gets its name from as well. Thus Teku will use this special power to get past the many daunting puzzles in order to get to his final destiny.

Initially the backers were told back in May that the game was complete but wouldn’t be released until July because the dev wanted a simultaneous release on PC, Mac and Linux. After that the release was halted due to certain certification problems but now the last problem that remains is of the game keys. To solve this, keys will be emailed to all backers, while anyone who needs a GOG key can reply to the email.

Let’s just hope the game is worth the wait!


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