Capcom Announces Monster Hunter X For Nintendo 3DS

When Capcom announced Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS, I personally thought that that was its future MH game but here we are again. Capcom announced today at the Monster Hunter Meeting 2015 that a new Monster Hunter, called Monster Hunter X(pronounced Cross), will be released for Nintendo 3DS this winter.


The game will feature new areas, new monsters, new moves and new actions for your weapons. Everyone will find its own style, as it’s Capcom’s main goal with the title. To help accomplish this, the combat system will be more deep and feature more actions, as classes now have special attacks that will help to differentiate the system. The game’s main village will be Beruna, but it will include also previous games’ villages. The game will be developed on the same engine of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Check out the Monster Hunter X debut trailer:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”vz7Ge7SJOX8″]

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