Capcom Reveals Street Fighter V Rage Quitters Punishment, Details On March Update Next Week

Capcom has shared a new update on their official Capcom Unity blog in which they have detailed the method through which rage quitters will be punished in the game.

According to Capcom, they have identified a way through which they are now able to locate the players who frequently quit their games when they about to lose their ranked match. This means that players won’t have to send Capcom videos/proof of rage quitters as Capcom are now capable of identifying such users on their own and will deal with them accordingly.


The penalty for rage quitting appears to be a reduction in the user’s LP and Rank. The users can discover the penalty when they log back into their account once they are flagged by the system.

The Penalty

Starting last week, we penalized roughly 30 players in our system by docking their League Points. Players who log into their account and see that their LP and Rank has dropped significantly can consider this a warning. We will be continuing to monitor these accounts in the coming weeks and will take further action if needed.

Capcom has stated that this is not a permanent solution and they will only give this penalty to the players who rage quit frequently. If you value your rank and LP, it is highly recommend to avoid rage quitting from now on.

In addition to the penalty for rage quitting, Capcom will share more news regarding the March update next week, which will also see the release of the first DLC character called Alex.

March Update

We know you’re all very eager to hear more about what will be included in the March update, in addition to getting more details on Alex. We will have a major news drop next week on what modes are coming, additional bug fixes and more, so stay tuned!

Street Fighter V is currently available for PC and PS4.

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