Capcom Files New Trademark For Onimusha Potentially Hinting At A Series Revival

Onimusha series hasn’t really fared well when it comes to sales but the original Onimusha trilogy has managed to stand the test of time and it is still regarded as one of the better action games from the PS2 generation. The first Onimusha was essentially a spin-off from Resident Evil, just like it was the case with Devil May Cry. The game basically used the same fixed camera perspective to present an action RPG that focused on a fictional setting with ancient Samurais and Demons.

Onimusha disappeared from the face of earth starting with the PS3 generation while the last game that Capcom released for it was Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams which ditched the mainline story to focus on a different cast of characters. The series is on hiatus ever since however Capcom started to consider the IP again with talks beginning in 2016 reaching the high level of management.

Capcom Is Discussing Revival Of Onimusha IP Internally At "High Levels", Says Capcom Producer

It wasn’t until today that fans have discovered a brand new trademark being filled for Onimusha that points towards Capcom developing a game using the Onimusha IP, either for Mobile, PC, Consoles, or utilizing the IP for things like Board Games or Pachinko machines. This trademark listing can also point towards a remaster/remake or a re-release for the series on the current generation consoles.

After the success of games like NiOh and Monster Hunter World, it won’t be surprising to see Capcom trying to resurrect some of their classic IPs again.

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