Capcom Wants More Monster Hunter On Switch, Says MH World Can’t Be Ported

Capcom has released a brand new Monster Hunter game for the first time on consoles that is targeting the high-end hardware. It is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One while it is being planned to launch later this year for the PC. Capcom has received a lot of questions regarding a potential Switch port for the game and now we have our first official comment on this matter.

In a recent shareholders meeting (via Twitter), Capcom has confirmed their plans for the Nintendo Switch hardware when it comes to the future of the series on it. According to the person who attended the shareholders meeting, Capcom said that Monster Hunter World “can’t be done on Switch,” when asked for a potential port for it.

They didn’t exactly deny that they won’t bring more Monster Hunter games to the Nintendo Switch hardware but they did state that they will proceed with developing Monster Hunter games that are specially developed with the Nintendo Switch hardware in mind.

Monster Hunter World was one of the best selling games for Capcom. It has sold-through more than 7.5 million copies so far across the PS4 and Xbox One. The game still hasn’t been released on the PC version yet it is already the fastest selling Capcom game so far.

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