Capcom Would Love To Create A Sequel To DmC With Ninja Theory

Capcom is apparently interested in working on a sequel to DmC: Devil May Cry with Ninja Theory but says that the current circumstances are not ideal for them. They also loved working with Ninja Theory and praised their stylish look and gameplay, which was also taken as an inspiration for the upcoming Devil May Cry 5.

Ninja Theory worked on the controversial DmC that might have received a lot of praise from the critics but it was demolished by the fans. One of the reasons why it was criticized was due to the different design for Dante and Vergil. The story itself was completely different and set in a world where modern society prevailed along with demons. The gameplay in DmC was praised and the level design was pretty good, which saved it for a lot of the fans but not many wanted to return to this world again.

GameInformer recently had the chance to interview the series producer Hideaki Itsuno and they asked him about their work experience with Ninja Theory on DmC and whether Capcom wants to collaborate with them again on a sequel.

“We learned so much from Ninja Theory and DmC. That was a collaboration between Capcom and Ninja Theory. I went to Cambridge once every couple of months to work those guys. So we learned a lot of from them, and you want to talk about stylish… Ninja Theory, those guys are style incarnate, man. What they did with DmC, that art style, those animations, that is real style, y’know? So we took a lot of what we learned from that, ” said Hideaki Itsuno.

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“Even stuff like the kill cams, for instance, we took a lot of that, and having learned that, we tried to implement that in this game as well.”

Itsuno continued: “Another thing is, we have a lot of friends who love DmC. For me, DmC is one of my favorite DMC games, if not my favorite. And we wanted to make the game in a way that people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the way it controls just as much as they enjoyed DmC.”

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“We love those guys. We’d love to be able to work with them again someday. But they’re under the Microsoft umbrella now, right? [laughs] So we’d have to clear that up with them first, ” concluded Itsuno, clearing any doubt about a potential sequel.

Devil May Cry 5 was recently announced to launch on March 8th, 2019, for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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