Carmack: Nvidia G-Sync not compatible with Oculus Rift

In a recent tweet, co-founder of id software John Carmack said that Nvidia’s newly announced G-Sync technology won’t be supported on any of the display panels that Oculus is currently considering for its VR tech. However, he went on to say that it may eventually influence a wider array of display panels in future, implying that G-Sync may some day be compatible with the Oculus Rift.


Furthermore, in response to a question regarding situations where the GPU can’t render over 30 frames per second, Carmack replied that G-Sync would push a duplicate frame if the frame rate drops below 30fps.


One major hurdle that stands in the way of G-Sync is exclusivity to Nvidia GPUs. This alone could prevent it from becoming a standard across the board on PC. Only time will really tell what kind of support Nvidia is able to get from display manufacturers.

Stay tuned for further developments on Nvidia’s G-Sync technology as they become available.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Reviews Editor at GearNuke

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