Check Out This Custom-Themed inFamous: Second Son PlayStation 4

inFamous: Second Son is another high profile PlayStation 4 exclusive, that was released on March 21st 2014. It has sold quite well and ended up being the fastest selling inFamous title to date with about 9 million copies sold digitally + retail. Unfortunately, Sony has never released any inFamous themed PS4, but only released it in a bundle with the hardware.

Twitter user Mubarak AlSharrad decided to show his love for inFamous: Second Son by creating this custom-themed inFamous: Second Son PS4. He also modified his DualShock 4 to match the thematic colors of inFamous: Second Son, along with using a custom decal for the lightbar. Check out his effort in the image below.


inFamous: Second Son was the top selling “next-gen” title for the month of April. It was also the second best selling title overall in its debut month, and has sold reasonably well on PSN. Sucker Punch are currently working on another undisclosed project, although there are rumors of inFamous: Second Son DLC, but we haven’t seen anything official about it yet.

So what do you think about his custom-themed inFamous: Second Son PS4? Do you link his efforts? Let us know in the comments below.

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