Check Out FIFA 17, Horizon Zero Dawn, GT Sport And More Running On PS4 Pro

Sony recently held a ‘Future of Play’ event in London. This event was aimed at the PS4 Pro launch and showcased games running on the hardware as well as confirmed the list of games that will support PS4 Pro at launch.

While we don’t really have a direct-feed video that showcases the improvements for the games, we do have an early PS4 Pro user who has been sharing screenshots of Uncharted 4 rendered at 4K on his PlayStation 4 Pro. These screenshots allow us to compare the game to regular PS4 to see how well it holds up at the 4K resolution.

Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro 4K vs. 1080p Screenshot Comparison Shows Similar Visuals With Sharper IQ

In the meantime, YouTube user Grizwords has shared a video that gives us a glimpse at some gameplay footage of FIFA 17, Horizon Zero Dawn, GT Sport and more running on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Check it out in action below.

The confirmed list of games that will support PlayStation 4 Pro at launch can be checked out from here. Some of the old launch games like Infamous: Second Son or Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor are also getting a Pro patch and will support the upgraded hardware at launch.

PS4 Pro: Full List Of Games That Will Support 4K And HDR At Launch

There are more than 45 games that will support PS4 Pro by the end of the year, some of the confirmed names include big blockbusters like Final Fantasy XV and Watch Dogs 2.

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