Check out first ever screenshots from Dragon Quest XI

Following the announcement of the latest entry in the popular Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI, Square Enix has now revealed the first ever screenshots from the game for both the PS4 and 3DS platforms. The screens show off the trademark art style of the Dragon Quest series, and seems like the latest entry will stay true to its roots.

The game certainly stands out on the PS4 with a high resolution and rich detail bringing its environments to life. Screenshots from the PS4 version can be seen below.


Meanwhile, the 3DS version is no slouch and manages to holds its own against its console counterpart. It also appears to make good use of the handheld’s dual screen configuration by displaying the world map on the bottom screen at all times. Screenshots from the 3DS version can be seen below.


What platform are you likely to play Dragon Quest XI on? Let us know in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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