Check Out These Magnificent Screenshots of Xbox One’s Dashboard

The Xbox One’s dashboard has gotten a major overhaul over its predecessor’s dashboard. The Xbox One’s new dashboard is more in line with Microsoft’s Windows 8’s Metro Style. Microsoft has always loved a sleek and neat look as was evident by how easy and good looking the Xbox 360’s dashboard was. The Xbox One improves on it even further and implements a lot of new features to its dashboard. With Microsoft’s focus on Xbox One being the one and only entertainment device, eliminates the need for all other devices (such as set-top box, which will still be required for the connection to Xbox One for the input of TV).

The Xbox One’s dashboard is fast. Very fast compared to what has been demonstrated time and time again. It features the snapping of windows, changing windows and much more just by using voice which the Kinect will recognize and act upon the given instruction. You can check out an extensive demo of the Xbox One UI by Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten, both of whom are officials of Microsoft, here. Also you can check out this amazing dashboard of the Xbox One in beautiful pictures below:

dash1 dash2 dash3

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