Child of Light 2 possibly teased by developer

A Ubisoft developer has possibly teased Child of Light 2 in a tweet talking about the original game coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal, Patrick Plourde, tweeted an image showcasing the original Child of Light running on the Switch but that wasn’t all that was shown. A supposed piece of paper with the text “Child of Light II” was spotted in the back, a script maybe?

The tweet is still up and not deleted yet so this could be the developer trying to tease an announcement.

The original Child of Light is a game I enjoyed a lot and would love a sequel, here’s to hoping that all this is what we think it is.

In other news Child of Light: Ultimate Edition is coming to the Switch on Oct. 11th, 2018 while Valiant Hearts is due out on Nov. 8th, 2018. Two great titles that Nintendo Switch owners will be ecstatic to play.

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