Chinese Company makes a Playstation themed Nintendo 3DS cover

The Nintendo 3DS without a doubt has an edge over the PS Vita in the handheld market, but talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

An image of a Nintendo 3DS cover has been making its way across the internet today which is just pure blasphemy, is nothing holy anymore? Guess not, check out this Playstation themed Nintendo 3DS cover below:

There’s also a Xbox One themed cover:


…And also an alternate Playstation one:


ZhugEX on Twitter summed it up best:

If you want to buy this cover, just for the ‘lulz’ or any other reason then head over to this site where it’s currently being sold at a discounted rate. Do note that the cover is in no way official and will only fit on a New Nintendo 3DS (the smaller model, not the XL).

So what do you think of the cover? Personally I really dig the design, however I’ll never be brave enough to put it on my 3DS, don’t really wanna get stabbed.

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