Chloe From Detroit Become Human Offers A Nice New Year Surprise

Detroit Become Human main menu screen features an Android named Chloe and on the occasion of New Year, she hides a nice surprise for everyone.

Chloe is an Android that seems to react well to how you play the game and even offers her advice on the many situations that you encounter. There is a choice given later in the game which offers the option to let her go free, but she can still make an appearance afterward even if you made her go and leave the main menu screen.

Chloe is an example of Quantic Dream brilliantly integrating in-game elements to something that is mostly considered trivial, thus making it more engaging to browse the main menu than other games.

If you boot the game today, you will be greeted by Chloe with a Happy New Year message. It is a nice surprise because no one expected the developers to code season greetings into her routine. She apparently also wishes Merry Christmas and likely other greetings depending on the date set on the PS4.

Detroit Become Human is the fastest selling game developed by Quantic Dream. It has sold through two million copies worldwide by the end of 2018. They are teasing ‘great news’ in 2019 and will have some information to share about their future plans soon, considering Detroit Become Human was their last major collaboration with Sony, and they are an independent developer.

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