Civilization VI Priced At $15.99 On Black Friday Because Of An Error

We got to see a lot of crazy deals this Black Friday, but one stood out particularly. I’m talking about when Civilization VI Digital Deluxe edition was announced to be 80% cheaper, and available at an unrealistically low price of $15.99.

Since games, such as,  Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and some others were being sold at half their prices, fans believed an 80% discount on Sid Meier’s latest edition to the Civilization series was actually true. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The letter below was sent to those who managed to buy the game. Apparently, a human error caused all the confusion. One of the buyers shared his copy of the letter on twitter, which shows that Game Republic has offered a 25% discount on the next purchase made by these buyers as a compensation for the misunderstanding.

Other than this, Games Republic stated, “we’re keeping the free game they received with the purchase (Anomaly 2) on their accounts. I know it’s not the same as getting Civilization VI for bargain, but we hope people will understand.”

Although Anomaly 2 isn’t much, but the discount can be useful for those who couldn’t get Civilization VI. Hopefully, fans won’t be too disappointed and will (eventually) forgive Games Republic for getting their hopes high.


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