Here’s A Great Way To Clean Your PS4 Pro Internal Fan

PS4 Pro is the latest system from Sony that launched back in 2016. Thankfully Sony appears to have learned from the design of the original PS4, which was a little hard to take apart and clean especially if you had a lot of dust inside it. The new PS4 Pro seems to be rather easy to take apart and can be easily cleaned with little effort.

YouTube user TronicsFix has shared this neat video showing how to take off the top for the PS4 Pro and get access to the internal fan, which helps in cooling down the system. If you have a lot of dust build up inside the console and can hear the fan spinning like crazy resulting in a lot of noise, perhaps it is best if you take apart your PlayStation 4 Pro using the video below and clean the dust inside it.

I have personally tried the method in the video above and depending on how old your PlayStation 4 Pro currently is, it can take you a little effort to get the top open. Make sure to not apply too much pressure that you end up cracking the plastic, but just enough so that you can remove the top and then put it back easily. The good thing is that there isn’t really any tool needed here for the most part.

Let us know if you have managed to clean your PlayStation 4 Pro fan using this method in the comments below.

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