Cliff Bleszinski Shares Concept Art Including One With Samurai Riding Dragons In ‘Feudalpunk’ Setting

Cliff Bleszinski was the studio head of Boss Key Productions, which he has decided to shut down recently after their failure to gain success with projects like LawBreakers and Radical Heights. Recently, he took it to Twitter to talk about the project ideas and game pitches that he had made to studios and also shared concept art for them.

The first project was the most interesting one which Cliff said was codenamed ‘DragonFlies.’ It was basically a mix of sci-fic with fantasy as the player could control different characters that were Samurai/Ninja and were able to ride Dragons. The game was set on floating Islands where you had airships and the dragons could be used for combat and customized as well.

The second idea was for a VR game that was codenamed ‘Rover’ and changed to ‘DogWalkers’ later in concept. It featured a multiplayer PvP battles inspired by World War 2 tank fights and movies like Fury.

The last game was another VR project that was more lighthearted in nature. It was a spiritual successor to Toobin but with the animals taking the lead. It was described as ‘Mario Kart on Water’ and featured colorful artwork of various animals enjoying together like on a water slide.

These are all interesting project pitches especially the ‘DragonFlies’ concept sounds amazing, but sadly they were never picked by any publisher. Cliff also pointed out that they wanted to learn from the mistakes of other similar games in the genre like Liar and the cancelled Scalebound.

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